Surgery bedding concept

The innovative VACUFORM 2.0 MicroSpace system
The secret of perfected adaption to the body by VACUFORM 2.0 surgical matresses is microballs of styrofoam, which are stabilized by vacuum to give a lasting, completely supportive form. Reducing the diameter of the filler balls by a fifth enables significantly more precise adaption of the surgical matresses to the body. The new MicroSpace system increases the feeling of physical comfort for the patient significantly compared to conventional fillings.

Decubitus prophylaxis in the operating theatre
Particularly during lengthy surgical procedures or for older patients or patients of a weaker consti-tution, there is a risk of bed sores in the form of acute decubitus ulcers*, and paresis (paralysis from injury to the nerves).
The VACUFORM 2.0 surgical mattress adapts individually and ergonomically to the patient's body to offer effective prevention of such injuries. The patient's contact pressure is distributed effectively throughout the body and thus minimised, while preserving the micro-circulation necessary for the skin. The patient perceives noticeable comfort, and feels light and warm.

Safety on the operating table
The patient can be fixed quickly and safely in any required position, giving the surgeon optimum access to the operation site with safe handling of the patient.Not even an extreme
tilt or slope of the operating table changes the defined position of the patient.
The surgical position can be changed at any time by releasing the vacuum so that the mattress can be modelled to the patient's new position: the air is then extracted again. VACUFORM 2.0 surgical mattresses also allow for inter-clinic transport in the defined surgical  position.

Saving costs with VACUFORM 2.0
In terms of efficiency, VACUFORM 2.0 offers huge cost savings through quick and easy handling and by avoiding subsequent injuries such as decubitus and paresis, by saving on additional materials, quick cleaning and a long service life, even when in constant use.

How the VACUFORM 2.0 surgical mattress works
All VACUFORM 2.0 surgical mattresses and cushions are made to be non-slip and absolutely dimensionally stable from a special soft PVC foil. The individual shaping properties are achieved by scarcely flammable polystyrene balls which are stabilised into an adapted constellation by vacuum.
VACUFORM 2.0 surgical mattresses and cushions contain no latex, are permeable to X-rays and suitable for MRI and CT. Equipped with a plastic valve with one-hand control.