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Social Commitment

For many years it has been our personal concern to support social projects and sports events. Above all, it is disadvantaged children to whom we dedicate our commitment.

Here are some examples of our diverse commitment:

For many years we have a close cooperation with the Lebenshilfe e.V. from Seelze and the Pestalozzi Foundation in Burgwedel. ,


- The club "Glücksmomente- Verein" in Isernhagen.

Traumatized children are helped with horse-assisted therapy to improve their development and development of their personality.



- We have created a charity bag made of our VACUFORM foil, which will be used to donate proceeds from promotions and events.
If you are interested in this product, please contact us!




- Support of the association of disabled cyclists at the World Games 2015 in Los Angeles


- Actions in favor of the ZAG Foundation "Pro Chance"




- In 2013 we created the biggest outdoor candle. The proceeds were donated to the Aegidiushaus of the children's clinic on the Bult (Langenhagen).





- Regular sponsorship of regional equestrian events


- Donations in favor of the SchlaU Schule - school-analogue lessons for young refugees


-In April 2016 the Horse-Hatch from Norderbrarup has received our former company car.

Petra Teegen, chairman of the Horse-Hatch:

     "The car makes our work much easier and broader."






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