Foldable transfer aid

The RESCUEFORM Rollbord provides simple but effective lifting assistance meaning considerably less effort for emergency services and care staff – including and particularly for heavy patients.

The Rollboard functions like a production line where the outer sheet rolls on the board core and thus transports the patient horizontally. The RESCUEFORM Rollboard can be stowed under the patient trolley – robust, washable and can be disinfected.

RESCUEFORM, Art.-No. 5230
Long Rollboard

Size: 45 x 100 cm  ///  Colour: vibrant yellow

Foldable transfer aid with 2 handles

RESCUEFORM, Art.-No. 5235
Short Rollboard

Size: 45 x 70 cm  ///  Colour: vibrant yellow

Compact one piece lifting assistance for easy stowing lengthways under the patient trolley