RESCUEFORM Basket stretchers

Basket stretches with special equipment

RESCUEFORM Basket stretchers meet the requirements of the Patient Health Care Regulation to come and are used where the transport of injured persons is not possible by means of conventional means of transport. Pits, shafts and caves, as well as ships, vessels, construction sites and mountain rescue are destined application situations. RESCUEFORM basket stretchers can be used as dragging or roping-down basket in vertical or horizontal position.


  • Vacuum mattress with openings in the shoulder and pelvis area
    for fixing the patient restraint system, size: 65 x 220 cm, colour: orange
  • Vacuum pump made of ABS material
  • 4-part belt harness for roping up and down, with fittings for fastening on the basket stretcher
  • Colour-marked restraint system
  • Special belt for pelvis positioning
  • Foot support (detachable)
  • Patient belts for chest and thighs
  • Head positioning
  • Adjustable, upholstered shoulder gear for comfortable carrying of the
    basket stretcher. The carriers have thus free hands to secure themselves
  • Patient covering sheet as protection against humidity and wind
  • Protection bag for the complete unit

RESCUEFORM Rescue basket stretcher with special equipment, Art.-No. 5035
size: 61 x 216 cm  ///   height: 19 cm  ///  weight: approx. 28 kg (completely equipped)  ///  colour: orange (basket carrier)

RESCUEFORM Rescue basket stretcher »light«, Art.-No. 5036
size: 61 x 216 cm  ///  height: 19 cm  ///  weight:  approx. 25 kg (completely equipped)  ///  colour: orange (basket carrier)