Cervical Collar

NECLOC Cervical Collar

Owing to its two half segments, NECLOC immobilizes the vertebral column completely. NECLOC can be put on fast, simply andprecisely, without having to move the patient. The material is permeable to X-rays and adapts easily to cold temperatures as well. The large trachea opening permits the feelingof the carotid artery pulse as well as animpeccable tracheotomy.

NECLOC is available in 6 sizes that can be combined together.

NECLOC Size 1 (infant), Art.-No. 5710  /// Colour: beige
NECLOC Size 2 (child), Art.-No. 5711  ///  Colour: green
NECLOC Size 3 (medium), Art.-No. 5712  ///  Colour: dark blue
NECLOC Size 4 (standard), Art.-No. 5713  ///  Colour: yellow
NECLOC Size 5 (large), Art.-No. 5714  ///  Colour: orange
NECLOC Size 6 (x-large). Art.-No. 5715  ///  Colour: light blue

NECLOC Cervical Collar set (six-piece)includes  size 1-6,
Art.-No. 5700

six parts, including bag

NECLOC Cervical Collar set (three-piece)includes size 2 + 4 + 5
Art.-No. 5705

three parts, including bag