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VACUFORM available in three new sizes!                                              09/10/2020

There are new sizes of our vacuum mattresses and pillows!
Due to increased demand, our vacuum pillows for upper body positioning are now also available in sizes 100 x 125cm and 100 x 125cm with a cutout.

Our popular, short mattress “Sigma-Lap” with cut-out is also getting a new dimension! They are available in the size 75/100 x 125cm, and now also in the wide version 75/118 x 125cm.

If you are interested or have a price request, please contact us by phone or email.


Do you already know our super light, flexible training bars for equestrian sports? Safe for horse and rider, quick to assemble and dismantle, our new SMARTPOLES are colorful and robust!

For further information please see under the menu item Products > Equestrian Sport or visit our Facebook page.

Be smart. Roll out. Jump over.

We now also have a roll-out moat for equestrian sports in our range!
Our SMARTJUMP by B.u.W. Schmidt GmbH. With a weight of only 8kg, a width of 2.90m and a maximum length of 2.70m, you can practice almost anything with only one jump and convert it flexibly!
For further information please see under the menu item Products > Equestrian Sport or visit our Facebook page.

Do you already know our new VETFORM line?                                 07/31/2020

Cushions for the treatment table, vacuum mattresses for the operating theater, small pillows, ice compresses, pumps and sandbags for professional practice equipment! Professional solutions can be found for small animals and custom-made products for large animals such as horses.

Take a look under Products -> VETFORM.

We have canceled our participation in Medica 2020                        07/15/20

The fair takes place from 16.-19. November 2020 at the exhibition center in Düsseldorf.
We, the company B.u.W. Schmidt GmbH will not take part.
This will be the first time in over 40 years that we don’t go.
It’s a real shame, because maintaining contact with our long-term customers and representatives is very important to us every year.
Next year the B.u.W. Schmidt GmbH celebrates its 60th birthday. In 2021 we will definitely be in Düsseldorf to celebrate our anniversary with all of you!
We hope that you are all doing well and that the danger of Corona will soon be averted.

Until then, take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Unsere neue Webseite ist online!                                                       06.01.2020

Wir hoffen sehr, dass Ihnen unser neuer Web-Auftritt gefällt!

Wir sind natürlich offen für Anmerkungen und Verbesserungen. 

Vor dem Fehlerteufel ist wohl niemand gefeit…

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