Inflatable Products

Swimming aids

4Form inflatable articles are made of high-quality PVC foil which is weld together with an extravagant tecnology. All swimming aids are CE-examined.

Swimming collar »Gym«
Art.-No. 7000

Colour: white

simplifies physiotherapetical practise baths with PVC-valve

Wimming collar »Schwimmi«
Art.-No. 7010

Colour: signalyellow

shortens the learning curve of swim beginners by approx. 60% by means of directed support of the body's own propulsionbicameral-system with PVC-valves

Baby-swimming aid »Swimi« size 0
Art.-No. 7025

Colour: yellow signal 

bicameral-system with PVC-valves Ø 15 cm, for babies up to 1 year of age (approx. 10kg)

Children-swimming aid »Swimi« size 1
Art.-No. 7026

Colour: yellow signal

bicameral-system with PVC-valves Ø 18 cm, for children up to 4 years of age (approx. 20kg)


Bathtub cushion
Art.-No. 7030

Size: 30 x 20 cm  ///   Colour: blue

made of PVC-foil with plastic valve and 2 suction pads