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The product benefits of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses
  • Optimized pressure relief (pressure test of ETH-HEMPA, Switzerland)
  • Free of latex, PVC and softening agents (biocompatible)
  • 100% suitable for X-ray, MRI and CT use
  • Image converter application possible during surgery
  • In color-therapy, the color magenta is described:
    “Having a general harmonizing effect on body and soul”
The innovative Vacuform 2.0 MicroSpace-System
  • Further optimized pressure relief
  • “Weightless” feeling (like a waterbed) despitestable immobilization
  • Surface nearly untextured

The secret of perfected adaptation to the body by Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses is microballs of styrofoam, which are stabilized by vacuum to give a lasting, completely suppor tive form. Only Vacuform® 2.0 contains since many years about the well proven and unique Micro-Space System an increases the feeling of physical comfort for the patient significantly compared to conventional fillings. Reducing the diameter of the filler balls by a fifth enables signifi cantly more precise adaptation of the surgical mattresses to the body.

Left: MicroSpace filling in a vacuumed state    Right: Conventional filling in a vacuumed state              

Decubitus prophilaxis in the operating theatre

Particularly during time-consuming operations or with patients who are older and in poor condition, there is a risk of pressure points leading to acute decubital ulcers* and paresis (paralysis from nerve damage). The individual, ergonomic body adaptation of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses effectively prevents such damage. The support pressure of the patient is optimally distributed over the whole body and thus reduced to a minimum. The microcirculation needed by the skin is unaffected. The patient has a noticeable feeling of comfort, a feeling of lightness and warmth. 

Safety on the operating table
  • No slippage on the surgery table
  • Safe immobilization
  • Extreme surgery table inclination possible
  • Fast, simple handling


The patient can be immobilized quickly and securely in any desired position. Thisgives the surgeon optimal access to the operation area and allows safe handling of the patient. Even the most extreme tilting of the surgery table does not change the defined position of the patient. The surgical positioning can be corrected at any time by relieving the vacuum, forming the surgical mattress to the new position of the patient and then evacuating the air again. Moreover, Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses enable transport between hospitals in a defined surgical position.

 Cost reduction with Vacuform® 2.0

Vacuform® 2.0 contributes to efficiency and leads to considerable cost reduction through fast, simple handling, prevention of sequelae such as decubitus and paresis, saving of additional materials, fast cleaning and long reusability even with constant use.

The expanded Vacuform® 2.0 selection of surgical mattresses
  • Expanded standard selection
  • Models for obese patients
  • Custom made products available


For all interventions requiring special positioning for surgery, the Vacuform® 2.0 product line offers surgical mattresses to satisfy all the relevant requirements for the indication. The new, expanded Vacuform® 2.0 product line includes surgical mattresses for obese patients as well as a vacuum mattress as a contemporary alternative to a plaster bed. Furthermore, we are able to make nearly any special size you require.

For our entire product range and further information, please see our respective product brochure under “Downloads“!

Vacuform® 2.0 Surgical Cushions

The comprehensive offering of VACUFORM products helps you achieve almost any position and positioning for patients. The cushions can be used universally for the partial positioning of arms and legs, positioning the head or positioning of small children and babies. The use as a simple pad or for general decubitus  prophylaxis is also possible. The partial or whole fi xed positioning during a CT, MRI or X-ray extends the field of application many times over.

Vacuform® 2.0 OP-Kopfhaube

This specially developed hood encloses the entire head and fits the head ideally using the Vacuform® 2.0 principle. The hood can be used to immobilize the patient’s head during computer tomography (CT), angiography, etc., because it is permeable to X-rays. For use in radiology, we offer a special plastic vacuum hand pump equipped with a non-magnetic brass rod.

Vacuform® 2.0 head-triangular cushion

Particularly suitably for all OP positions in back position. The new head-triangular cushion make a back storage perceptibly more comfortably. By its triangular form and the cut out, the cervical area will be more supported. The pillow can be used singular or also in addition, adapted under the head. The application as a pillow by operations in the dentist‘s chair is recommendable.
The patient will be positioned in a comfortable situation with an optimally supported head. Depending of this the patient keeps calm and still by more well-being.

For our entire product range and further information, please see our respective product brochure under “Downloads“!

Vacuform® 2.0 Siliplus – the optimized surgical vacuum mattress
  • Once more modified pressure release
  • Accurately fitting and efficient
  • Especially for long term operations

Vacuform® 2.0 Siliplus is a new, further optimised vacuum mattress from the Vacuform® 2.0 series. A system that is essential in the Operation Theatre for many years. Vacuform® 2.0 Siliplus is a compound system with which a silicone gel mat is firmly connected with a vacuum cushion. Because of the combination and the permanent compound of both components, which are already used as independent products in the OP, the pressure release becomes improved extensive. Especially while operations, e. g. in the oncological surgery, which can last sometimes longer than 20 hours, is this important to guaranty an optimum pressure release.

Vacuform® 2.0 Siliplus Silikonmatte

For our entire product range and further information, please see our respective product brochure under “Downloads“!

Vacuform® 2.0 QuickForm – with 6 chamber system

Advantages of the 6 chamber mattress:

  • Immediate readiness. The filling is optimally spaced.
  • Preparation that saves time and money.
  • Unrestricted use of all advantages of VACUFORM 2.0: optimal adjustment, decubitus prophylaxis, safety, heat storage, prevents nerve damage, optimal access to the operation area etc.



For our entire product range and further information, please see our respective product brochure under “Downloads“!

Bedding of a Back-Position with a Vacuform Mattress 75 x 200cm, Item No. #3466105
Bedding of a gynecological position with a Vacuform Mattress “Sigma-Lap”, item no. 3465315

For our entire product range and further information, please see our respective product brochure under “Downloads“!

Plastic vacuum pump, red

Item No. 5370

Length: 45cm

light weight

Plastic vacuum pump with non-magnetic brass rod

Item No. 5355

Length: 45 cm

light weight, for MRT also

Carrying Bag

Item No. 34 66 800

Size: 80 x 100 cm /// Farbe: silber


Item No. 34 66 900

Size: 40 x 100 cm

prevents slippage of the surgical mattress in extreme positions, such as during laparoscopic sigma resections. The sheeting is easy to clean and reusable.

Non-Slip-Folie, Roll of non-slip for to take a short cut

Item No. 34 66 901

Size: 40 x 900 cm

Non-Slip-Mat, round pad

Item No. 34 66 905

Size: Diameter 19cm


Item No. 34 66 906

Size: 25 x 35cm


Item No. 3490122

For damages up to max. 5 cm we recommend this repair kit with the enclosed
pieces of foil and glue.

Item No. 3490123

For the reparation of needle holes and short cuts with max. 2 cm this repair kit
with the self-adhesive foil is a fast and simple solution.

Surgical Sheet

Item No. 34 70 000

Size: 80 x 220cm

Equipped with 8 handles for turning and repositioning the patient. Its outstanding features include high durability, silky comfort and a long service life.

Valves for replacement

Item No. 90148 CPC Inline-Valve
Item No.  90147 CPC-Plug
Item No.  90149 CPC-Coupling

For our entire product range and further information, please see our respective product brochure under “Downloads“!

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